As a business owner, you’re busy with meetings, phone calls, customers, training staff, and general day-to-day operations. Your local PostalAnnex can help. PostalAnnex offers safe and secure mailbox rental service for your business.

Benefits of Renting a Business Mailbox at PostalAnnex:

  • Street Address – Unlike a P.O. Box, a business mailbox at PostalAnnex gives you a professional look to new and existing customers with a real street address.
  • Package Delivery – PostalAnnex will accept packages from all major carriers and notify you via text or email when you receive one.
  • Convenience – If you travel often or work from home, you can pick up your mail and packages when it’s convenient for you.
  • Security – Keep your business documents, customer information, and packages safe from identity theft or weather damage.
  • Customer Service – Save time and money by calling ahead to see if specific pieces of mail have arrived.
  • Business Services – Access to PostalAnnex’s other business services like shipping, notary, copy, fax, printing, shredding, and more.

Try our Business Mailbox Rental Services today. If you have questions, please select from an option below to get in touch with a PostalAnnex location near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t have a physical address for my business?
    1. At PostalAnnex, we provide business mailbox rental services with a street address so you can list an address and receive letters and packages.
  2. Should I use my residential address for my business?
    1. Giving out your private address can be unsafe. PostalAnnex provides a business mailbox with a street address that can be listed as the official address for your business.
  3. What’s the difference between a PostalAnnex mailbox and a mailbox at the Post Office?
    1. With PostalAnnex, we provide you with a real street address, not a PO box number. This is more professional and can be listed as your official business address, allowing you to receive packages, as well as standard envelopes.