Franchisee Testimonials

Our satisfied franchisees offer the best reasons for you to join the booming postal, packaging and business service industry. Our formula has helped hundreds of people like you own and operate their own business while enjoying the support and experience of a national franchise company.

Robert Eftehkari,
Franchisee since 2002,
says PostalAnnex to him is like 'family'.

Steve & Vicki Collo,
Franchisees since 1993,
made their PostalAnnex a family business.

The timing couldn't be better. Today's busy lifestyles are increasing the demand for PostalAnnex services. You'll save your customers time and money and, as we all know, that keeps them coming back.

From tested methods of site selection to on-going advertising and sales promotions support, you will have the expertise of a nationwide company behind you. Design specialists create an interior that works best for you. And we provide comprehensive marketing and advertising materials, co-op advertising opportunities as well as on-going training.

Wendy Vaughn, PostalAnnex franchisee since 1996,
shares the level of support she receives
from the Home Office whenever she needs it.

Most importantly, we assure you an exclusive territory with no other PostalAnnex within an agreed upon radius. It is the guidance and support of a national company directed to help you at your chosen location.

Unlike many franchises, PostalAnnex has many locations available nationwide including multiple and regional franchise opportunities. If you have a net worth of at least $200,000 (remember to include your home), and $50,000 - $70,000 cash plus working capital, then take a moment to fill out our form to request more information. We'll send a free brochure with the complete story of how you too can enjoy the independence and freedom of owning your own business.

Why Our Franchisees Rate Us #1!

"Our PostalAnnex products and services have allowed us to build relationships with the businesses in our community, and that's where a majority of our sales come from. Our customers call us their 'One stop business Shop'."
PostalAnnex franchisees Steve & Vicki Collo
Carlsbad, CA 

"I was tired of making other people money. I wanted to work for myself. The only thing I would have done different is I would have done it a whole lot sooner."
PostalAnnex franchisee Doug Ware
Colorado Springs, CO

"We joined them 20-plus years ago, and it's been like a family."
Betty Bloom, PostalAnnex franchisee
San Diego, CA

Pete Armendariz, PostalAnnex franchisee since 1998,
wanted a job which allowed him
flexibility for family time