Laminating Services in San Diego - Point Loma / Shelter Island

Laminating Service and Laminating Pouches

Nothing beats a laminated copy for preserving a document - plus they make a professional look for presentations.

Some ideas of projects created with our laminating service:

  • Recipe Cards - Make your recipes withstand the rigors of kitchen cooking, saving yourself from spills, drips and drops on your favorite recipes.
  • Business Cards - Laminating a business card with a luggage tag pouch not only makes great sense for you, but makes a nice gift for a business prospect as well.
  • Children's Art - Many mom's have laminated their children's artwork, making an impressionable placement for the home or for the grandparents.
  • Flash Cards - Help your child with laminated study aids like flash cards.
  • Price Lists - Many restaurants, hair salons, contractors and retailers use a laminating service to preserve price lists for reuse.
  • Badges - For events such as meetings, conventions, conferences, networking events and more.
  • Bookmarks - From your favorite piece of art or published memento.
  • Instruction Sheets - For re-use over and over again to help guide through a process.
  • Catalog Sheets - For frequent lookup of drawings, diagrams, part numbers and pricing.

And many locations offer different thicknesses of laminating pouches. The heavier the stock, the better the preservation.

Laminating service at PostalAnnex in San Diego - Point Loma / Shelter Island is quick, convenient and affordable. Consider adding it to your next presentation or project for a polished, professional appearance.

So try our laminating services today. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (619) 222-1664.

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