Finding Postal and Business Solutions Drives Our Mission

The mission of Annex Brands, Inc., is to develop a global network of retail and commercially-located franchised establishments to provide complete shipping and business-services solutions for consumers and business alike. We accomplish this by offering transportation services from moving vans to freight shipping via air, land and sea. In addition, we also offer small package and document shipping via a choice of UPS, FedEx and USPS. We also serve the consumer and small-office, home-office user with a variety of business services including private mailbox rental, notary service, high-speed copying in black & white and color, office supplies, web site/e-commerce services, faxing service, printing, stationery, rubber address stamps, key duplication, greeting cards and assorted gift item, all in a convenient, service-oriented environment.

Fact Sheet

Who: PostalAnnex is one of five brands franchised by Annex Brands, Inc. The others are: AIM Mail Center, Navis Pack & Ship, Handle With Care Packaging Store and Sunshine Pack & Ship. Started in 1985 by Jack Lentz as Postal Annex, Inc., Annex Brands has become one of the largest shipping and business services' franchises, with over 400 locations providing services throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Company Headquarters:

Annex Brands, Inc 
7580 Metropolitan Dr., Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92108

Start Up Date:  Jack Lentz, CEO and Chairman, founded Postal Annex+, Inc. in 1985 with three stores. The first PostalAnnex franchise was sold in December, 1986 in San Diego, California. In September, 2007, Postal Annex, Inc. changed its name to Annex Brands, Inc. to reflect its position as a multi-branded company. Each brand, including PostalAnnex, continues to operate under its original name.

Concept:  The PostalAnnex brand is one of the nation's largest franchise networks of retail shipping and business services centers. Each location serves a growing customer base of homemakers, small and large businesses, offering complete shipping options from whole-house moving to overnight document delivery. In addition, PostalAnnex service centers offer convenience by providing many office services under one roof.

Products and Services:  PostalAnnex offers a diverse range of core business and communications services for industry and individuals. These include private mailbox rental, notary public service, high-speed copying in black & white and color, office supplies, faxing service, 4-color printing, key duplication, greeting cards, assorted gift items and more, all in a convenient, service-oriented environment.

Our core business is packing and shipping virtually all types of items, using materials and methods that have been developed, tested, and continuously kept up to date with changes in the industry. To provide peace of mind to our customers, we offer declared value coverage up to $50,000 against loss or damage, depending on the item. Our packaging professionals will choose from a variety of corrugated boxes, bubble packaging, foam packaging peanuts and other materials, knowing the carriers' requirements for packing and shipping for insurability.

With the Freight Shipping service, PostalAnnex can arrange transport of large and valuable items such as grandfather clocks, artwork and antiques. In addition, locations can provide shipping for awkwardly sized items such kayaks and automobile parts. No job is too unique for a PostalAnnex. PostalAnnex service centers are also UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets and FedEx Authorized Ship Centers, offering a wide variety of delivery options for shipments as large as a container of equipment or as small as a single document.

In addition, PostalAnnex is a full-service copy and print shop, providing high volume production with individual quality service. Stores can provide color and black & white copies with finishing services including binding, collating, folding, laminating and stapling for any copy job. Free pick-up and delivery are also provided for qualified jobs.

PostalAnnex also provides full mailbox rental service with a variety of sizes to meet the needs of both individuals and small businesses. Each location has complete fax services to complement small offices or home office based businesses.

PostalAnnex has professional notaries that are always available to offer experienced, accurate service. There are professionals ready to quickly cut a new key and help select the right card or gift for many occasions.

Company Management

Jack Lentz
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jack Lentz founded PostalAnnex with three stores, opening in the summer of 1985. One year later, Jack learned about franchising and started the PostalAnnex franchise system.

In September 2007, Postal Annex, Inc. changed its name to Annex Brands, Inc. after the acquisition of three other brands: Sunshine Pack & Ship, SPS Moving and Handle With Care Packaging Store.

After graduating from college, Jack's first career (12 years) was in the newspaper business. He later owned a business magazine and spent years in the printing business. During this period, he attended law school at night and received his law degree in 1969.

After a short retirement, he and his wife, Marty, started another printing company. Shortly thereafter, Marty took over the business, and Jack became president of a title insurance company.

Trying to retire once again, Jack found his expertise needed by friends, this time working as a business consultant. Working out of his home, Jack realized the need for mailing, faxing, copying, shipping and other services to belong under one roof. As a result, he created the first PostalAnnex store, located next door to a post office in the University City neighborhood of San Diego, California.

Today, Jack continues as Chairman and CEO of Annex Brands as well as having served or serving as a board member and trustee for several philanthropic organizations. His long time involvement with Rotary International has served several communities both in the U.S. and Mexico.

Patrick F. Edd, CFE
President and Chief Financial Officer

Patrick has been with Annex Brands since March 1991, starting with the company as Director of Finance and Administration. Subsequently, he was named the Company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

In 2004, he was promoted to the position of President while retaining the title of CFO. His primary responsibilities include the day-to-day operational management of the company and all accounting, finance, and administrative functions.

Patrick studied at San Diego State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration as an Accounting Major. After college, he earned his certification to practice as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the state of California (inactive).

Prior to his service at Annex Brands, Patrick spent four years with the international accounting firm of Touche Ross & Co. (currently known as Deloitte & Touche), primarily as a financial auditor, specializing in savings and loans, construction, broker dealers, mortgage banking, insurance and real estate.

After Touche Ross & Co., Patrick spent three years as CFO of one of its clients in the hospitality industry before joining Annex Brands.

Patrick is a member of Financial Executives International and in 2009 was awarded the designation of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) by the International Franchise Association in recognition of his knowledge and experience in the franchising industry.

Sean P. Hilly, CFE
Executive Vice President

Sean has been with Annex Brands since November 1991, starting with the Company as a store manager. Subsequently, he was promoted to Vice President of Franchise Services.

In 2006, he was elevated to the position of Senior Vice President, and in April, 2016 promoted to Executive Vice President with responsibility for strategic planning, training, store buildouts, vendor relations and Franchisee support.

Sean studied at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology. Immediately after college, he spent two years as a professional cyclist before beginning his career in the industry as a manager of a retail mail and parcel center.

In 2008, the International Franchise Association awarded Sean the industry's designation as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) for his knowledge and experience in the franchising industry.

Alex Zai, CFE
Executive Vice President

Alex has been with Annex Brands since April, 2016 when he joined the company as Executive Vice President.  Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. ("PMCA"), a company Annex Brands acquired in April, 2016.  Alex is a graduate of Indiana University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies.  He also holds an MBA in International Business from The University of Phoenix.

Alex has over 28 years of experience in the the packaging and shipping industry, starting with PMCA as a Pak Mail franchisee in Bloomington, Indiana in 1987.  In 1994, after seven years as owner and operator of this Pak Mail franchise, Alex joined PMCA in Denver, Colorado as the company's Director of Store Operations.  In 2004, he was promoted to PMCA's Chief Operating Officer, and in 2009 he was promoted to PMCA's Chief Executive Officer and President.

Alex earned the Certified Franchise Executive Designation from the International Franchise Association, demonstrating a depth and breadth of knowledge in franchise, laws, operations, and experience.

Steve Goble, CFE
Senior Vice President

Steve joined the Company as a PostalAnnex Franchisee in 2000 before moving over to the Home Office in 2006 as Director of Marketing Communications. In April 2007 he was promoted to Vice President of Marketing Communications, and to Senior Vice President in April, 2016.

Steve's current responsibilities are to market the PostalAnnex, Pak Mail AIM Mail Center, Sunshine Pack & Ship, Navis Pack & Ship, Handle With Care Packaging Store, and Annex Copy Center brands, products and services for both the Company and the Franchisees through a variety of means including advertising, public relations, marketing materials and Web presence.

During his tenure as a Franchisee, Steve led the San Diego Advertising Association for four years and taught marketing classes to fellow franchisees. Before joining the Company, he worked at a discount clothing retailer and a quick-service food company in various finance, accounting and marketing analysis positions.

Steve studied at San Diego State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 1983 in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In 1987, he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a Marketing major.  He is a charter member of SDSU's Marketing Department Advisory Board and has served as its Chairman since 2012.

Steve was awarded two Emmys® in 2012 for his roles in the creation and production of the PostalAnnex commercial, "The Sound of Business." In 2009, the International Franchise Association awarded Steve the industry's designation as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) for his knowledge and experience in the franchising industry.

Mary Ann Canup
Vice President of Franchise Compliance

Mary Ann has been with Annex Brands since 1993, starting in an administrative capacity, eventually rising to the position of Executive Coordinator. In 2005, she was promoted to Director of Compliance, to Executive Director of Compliance in 2012, and to her current position as Vice President of Franchise Compliance in June, 2015.

Her duties include ensuring the compliance with franchise investment laws, managing franchise registration renewals and updates, and coordinating franchise resale transactions. 

In February, 2013, Mary Ann earned the designation of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) as presented by the International Franchise Association.

Ryan Heine, CFE
Vice President of Franchising

Ryan joined the Company in 2002 in a sales and development capacity working with prospective owners seeking to join the franchise network.

His role in the operational activities of the department was expanded in January 2006 when he was promoted to Franchise Development Manager.

In 2007, he was promoted to Director of Franchising, to Executive Director in 2012, and to Vice President of Franchising in April, 2016 where his primary responsibilities are to develop the franchise systems of Annex Brands, Inc. and expand these franchise networks worldwide.

Ryan studied at the University of California at San Diego, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1999 in Philosophy. Prior to joining the Company, he worked in a career placement firm, assisting people transitioning from military service into positions with Fortune 500 firms.

In February, 2011, Ryan was awarded the designation of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) from the International Franchise Association for his demonstration of knowledge and experience in the franchising industry. Ryan also has earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America.