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We can save you time and travel by offering you shipping with your choice of carriers, private mailbox rental for keeping your home private and secure, copy services, notary public services, office supplies and much more.

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In addition, we offer packaging supplies to carefully pack items as if they were our very own, fax service, postage stamps, greeting cards, gift items and more.

When you come to PostalAnnex at 85 W Highway 246 in Buellton, it's like having your own personal assistant.

We offer you the benefit of being able to get many of your to-do's done under one roof:

Ship your wine at the Buellton PostalAnnex+

Welcome to Your Buellton PostalAnnex+!

Wine Storage & Shipping Services in Buellton

Do you need to ship wine, but are worried about it arriving safely? The Buellton PostalAnnex+ offers wine shipping services!  Whether you have a single bottle or whole cases of wine, we offer competitive pricing and custom packaging solutions for shipping wine.  Shipping wine requires proper packaging to prevent bottle breakage and knowledge of state laws regarding shipping alcohol.  Here at your Buellton PostalAnnex+, we have the right supplies to properly package your wine, and we know the various state restrictions for shipping alcohol.  Just bring in your wine, and we will take care of properly packaging and shipping it.

In addition, we also offer beer and wine storage services.  When you join our club there is no membership cost, and you will be issued a locker number which is also your club membership number.  Joining our club gives you a physical California address to ship your beer & wine to, and as an owner of a Central Coast Beer & Wine Locker you can have all of your west coast beer & wine shipped to your locker for storage. When you are ready, we will ship your beer or wine from your locker to your home or business. All beer & wine will be stored at 55 degrees in a secure building, insured against fire and theft.  Check out our Information Sheet for more details and the sign up sheet.

Have Sensitive Documents to Shred?
Save yourself hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours of frustration trying to repair your stolen identity by shredding your personal documents at PostalAnnex+.  One of the best ways to prevent identity fraud is to shred all documents with any type of personal information.  It is recommended that you shred items with birth dates, Social Security numbers, bank information, credit card numbers, and more. Shredding Services are available Monday - Saturday during normal business hours.

DHL Shipping Services
Take advantage of our international shipping services.  As a DHL Authorized Ship Center, we can ship your packages worldwide.

Party Supplies

In addition to a variety of office supplies, we offer everything you need for your next party.  Here at your Buellton PostalAnnex+, we have gift bags, wrapping pager and greeting cards, along with candles, party plates and cups.  We even have party balloons and helium balloons!