Scanning and Shredding Services in Kerman

Scanning documents helps in the conversion of documents from a physical form to a digital form. It plays a key role in reducing paper use, aids in regular monitoring of information and also cuts down costs significantly. Shredding is used to protect your sensitive data and helps in the prevention of data breaches.

At PostalAnnex in Kerman, we can help in clutter reduction through our document scanning and shredding services.


Our scanning services help in the preservation of essential business records. Scanning can save time by promoting efficient sharing of information. The ease of sharing information means that you can get tasks finished faster and efficiently. We take precautions when scanning documents to ensure that your documents are protected and secured.

Due to limited space, scanning documents can help free up additional space and organize your office cabinets. Better organization results in improved productivity as it significantly reduces the risk of losing documents. You can access essential data with just the click of a button from anywhere.

Sharing of documents for key business meetings becomes easy and teams can simultaneously gain access to the documents they need at ease. Scanning documents allows you to keep the company's confidential information safe and well-protected. Digital solutions make it difficult to lose critical data and files. Scanning to digital ensures that data and files can't be accessed by unauthorized personnel. You can also incorporate encryption technology to ensure that your documents are always protected.


PostalAnnex’s shredding services ensure that sensitive information cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Shredding also helps in eliminating clutter from your office and prevents the buildup of unnecessary paperwork.

Whether you need to shred documents to protect sensitive information or just want to get rid of the clutter around your office, our shredding service gets the job done! Shredding ensures documents are securely disposed of, eliminating the risk of data breach, reducing paper buildup, and giving you peace of mind. Enjoy more room in your office by freeing up that row of filing cabinets or corner table full of papers.

There’s no need to hang on to so many of your old documents when you can scan and shred them. PostalAnnex will handle the whole process for you so you can get back to business.

We can deliver scanned files with the following options:

  • E-mailed as a link to download the file - most common, and useful for files larger than 10 MB
  • E-mailed as a file attachment - only useful for smaller files
  • Copied to a USB drive
  • If you need a particular file format, please call us at (559) 846-4001 to ensure we can accommodate your specific needs

PostalAnnex Scanning and Shredding Services

Let PostalAnnex handle your document scanning/document shredding process. We will handle the entire process for you so that you can get back to your business and continue doing what you do best.

Call us today at (559) 846-4001 to discuss your preferable file format with us so that we can customize our services based on your requirements and needs. Find a PostalAnnex Location Near You today.

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