Get More Done in One Stop: PostalAnnex Shipping and Business Solutions

Solutions for Business

When you compare shipping rates, you'll see differences among the carriers. One might charge you dimensional weight while another carrier won't.

Dimensional weight is calculated based on the size of the box rather than the actual weight. This occurs with large, light packages. The professionals at PostalAnnex help you pick the right box to avoid dimensional weight when possible, all without sacrificing protection of your valuables.

Why pay more for shipping rates if you don't have to?  At PostalAnnex, you can compare UPS shipping rates with rates for FedEx and USPS.

Solutions for Individuals

You also can entrust your large, heavy and fragile items with our freight shipping service as well.

Have a home-based business?
You don't have to drive far for convenient office supplies; plus, you might find just what you're looking for in our store.

Whether you're looking to compare shipping rates, get packing advice or just checking off items on your to-do list, PostalAnnex is here to make your day less stressful. have time for the more important things in life.