August 18, 2022

Notarizing documents, such as trusts, affidavits, legal depositions, and powers of attorney to prevent forgery and fraud can be complex and stressful. PostalAnnex is a reliable destination for your notary service needs. All that is required of you is to equip yourself with all the necessary information.

Your One-Stop Shop For Commissioned and Insured Notary Public

The National Notary Association regulates all notarization services offered by PostalAnnex. Therefore, we guarantee expert and professional notary services for your sensitive documents. We are driven by the strong desire to provide notary services at your convenience. Our team of certified notaries offers customized notarization services for any documents, including escrow information, affidavits, trust certification, warranty deeds, estate deeds, and mortgage notes.

Are you a business owner, manager, real estate professional, landlord, ecommerce business owner, privacy seeker, online shopper, or homeworker searching for a notary certified by the National Notary Association? Look no further! Your help is just a phone call away.

How Can You Prepare for a Notary Appointment?

While searching for a notary service that confers legal protection to your documents and cushions you from litigation or contract disputes, you must be well-prepared. PostalAnnex can help—simply contact us with any questions you have before coming in for your notary appointment. Listed below are a few to-dos before seeking our notary services:

  • Identify the scope of the notary services you seek to obtain from us.
  • Select the notarization type that meets your needs. At PostalAnnex, we offer three types of notarizations — jurats, acknowledgments, and copy certification. However, we recommend you consult an attorney about the notarization type that is the best fit before seeking our services — we are limited by the law to advise you on the notarization type to select.
  • Fill in our notary services' application form, but provide consistent and valid information. All incomplete applications are rejected.

At PostalAnnex, we provide you with all the necessary information as you prepare for the notarization process. In addition, we constantly review information from the National Notary Association and post it on our website to help you identify the right notary service for your documents.

We Are Here to Help!

PostalAnnex provides notary services tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced personnel offer notary services for a wide range of documents.

Contact us for more information on our fully commissioned and insured public notary services. In addition, you can review our frequently asked questions for more details on our notary services.