March 28, 2023

If you are looking to ship antiques either domestically and/or internationally, PostalAnnex can assist you. It is important to consider the logistics of relocating valuable items, as they could potentially be damaged in transit if not properly packed.

Tips on How to Ship Antiques

Below is an overview of the best packing materials to use when shipping fragile items, how to pack them and ultimately, how to ship them. We’ve also provided some recommendations for shipping antiques.

1. Labeling

If you are shipping a valuable and/or priceless item, it is important that you write down every part that is being shipped. Be sure to identify everything neatly, accurately, and precisely.

2. Take Photos

Gathering and transmitting data about your antique is simple but efficient. Photographs document the state of your valuables before shipment so you can accurately assess their condition once they arrive at their final destination. It is a helpful method for keeping track of your belongings, too.

3. Raise Awareness About Fragile Materials

Antiquities are naturally fragile; however, extra care is needed for some items. Costly repairs can potentially be mitigates by alerting carriers to particularly delicate antiques. PostalAnnex specializes in shipping antiques and can provide the safest and best option based on their extensive knowledge and familiarity with packing and shipping antiques.

4. Package

The best approach to safeguard your assets is by using professional packing services at PostalAnnex. The antique shipping experts will securely pack your fragile items so they’re safe for shipping. Using expert antique shippers like PostalAnnex means you can worry less when shipping valuable items.

Special care and attention should be used when deciding on a box size. For more comfort and protection, you'll need to choose a size that's somewhat larger than your current furnishings. Measuring your existing antiques or valuables to be shipped is a good idea to know what size you'll need.

5. Consolidated Freight Shipping

Consolidated freight is also known as “multi-stop truckloads.” This type of shipping requires that your items travel with other movers using the same vehicle. It is a good option to consider if you have only a few items to ship. As a bonus, the shipping cost is lower since you only pay for the storage space your antique takes up. On the other hand, shipping via consolidated freight might take longer since it involves many deliveries and stops.

Professional movers are another option you can utilize. One may argue that this is the best and most hassle-free method of transporting precious antiques. Experts in packing and transporting antiques will manage your valuables and take excellent care of them. Keep in mind that pricing will vary depending on the shipping services you require, and the items you are shipping.

PostalAnnex Fragile Antique Shipping Services

PostalAnnex provides expert packing and shipping service, and will help you choose the most best option for shipping valuable items. Our team of professionals can also provide custom solutions for more specific demands.

If you need a reliable shipping expert, contact PostalAnnex today.