February 12, 2024

In an age where everything is handled digitally, many of the most important messages still come by physical mail. A virtual mailbox is the ideal service for access, convenience, and to bridge that essential gap between printed mail and your digital records.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a private mail service in which all your mail is scanned into digital form, then sent to you by email. It also includes the ability to pick up your mail, as well as package service for items that are not letters which come to your virtual mailbox address.

PostalAnnex offers a convenient virtual mailbox service which can keep you informed of your incoming mail digitally and at a distance, for the modern busy professional.

The 12 Advantages of Virtual Mailbox Service

  1. Paperless

    We can provide your paper mail in a paperless form. Your mail will be sorted, scanned, and a digital copy will be sent to your email where you can read your mail without picking up the letter.

  2. Easy Access

    Your digital mail will be accessible from any device, anywhere, and on a 24/7 schedule. You don't have to visit your physical mailbox and you can reference your digital mail online at any time, from anywhere.

  3. Convenience

    Virtual mailbox rental makes it easy to check your mail from anywhere in the world, whether you are traveling or simply don't have time to swing by your physical mailbox every day.

  4. Record-Keeping

    Digitized mail can be easily filed in your digital records. The scans of your mail can be stored in your personal cloud storage, saved in your email, and then become much easier to organize, reference, sort, and keep track of through a modern lifestyle of digital paperwork.

  5. Remote Management

    With a virtual mailbox, you gain the ability to manage your mail remotely, including requests for mail forwarding, package service, and more.

  6. Cost Efficiency

    A virtual mailbox can provide you with a cost-efficient way to manage your mail while also offering expedience and time savings.

  7. Physical Address

    If you need a real street address to receive your mail, even if you are constantly traveling or your home is not a good place for mail, a virtual mailbox provides the physical address you require.

  8. Mail Forwarding

    With a virtual mailbox, you don't just receive a digital copy of your mail. We also offer more comprehensive mail services. You can, request mail forwarding to have both mail and packages forwarded to you anywhere in the world.

  9. Useful Business Address

    A virtual mailbox with PostalAnnex provides you with a street address that can be used as your business address. Combined with the virtual mail scans, you can easily run your business and receive a virtual copy of your mail immediately through the virtual mailbox service.

  10. Real-Time Notifications

    When mail arrives at the PostalAnnex, you will receive a real-time notification of letters and packages. Letters will be scanned and sent virtually to you immediately while packages will be held until you can pick them up.

  11. Mail Security

    Our virtual mailbox center is secure. Mail delivered to PostalAnnex will be kept safe, private, and secure.

  12. Additional Services

    Additional services include package service, mail forwarding, and document shredding. These services ensure that your virtual mailbox provides a fully functional mail service enhanced by the convenience of mail virtualization.

Virtualize Your Mail with PostalAnnex

Whether you are a jet-setting traveler, a busy professional, or don't want to worry about losing important paper mail, the virtual mailbox is the perfect modern solution. Receive a virtual copy of your mail as soon as it arrives, keep the scans of your mail in your digital personal records so that it never gets lost, and enjoy all the usual conveniences of a private mailbox service as well.

Set up a virtual mailbox at a PostalAnnex near you.