March 11, 2024

Large volumes of paper can become a hindrance to the operation of your business. However, you can solve this problem with scanning & shredding services with PostalAnnex. You'll be able to keep better control over sensitive data and improve overall business operation efficiency. Learn how scanning & shredding services can substantially impact your business and, at the same time, allow for an opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability.

The Advantages of Digitizing Documents

Scanning services with PostalAnnex will help digitize documents into files, accurately name files to reflect the contents, and organize them in a logical folder structure. This method of document filing will help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve data security for your business.

Increases the Convenience of Accessing Documents

With your situation now, you may have to look through multiple file cabinet drawers to find the documents you need, especially if it's unclear how the filing system works. You can have those documents scanned onto a hard drive and organized in a logical way that makes documents easy to find. With document digitization, the naming of the files and the method of filing them is consistent for all documents throughout the entire company.  

Promotes Simplified Team Collaboration

Once the documents are digitized onto a USB or hard drive, you can transfer them to a server or on cloud storage software. Having documents available on these platforms allows relevant groups to access, send, edit, modify, and stay informed on the latest revisions of documents in real time. These storage methods make it more efficient to collaborate on projects, product development, or customer service efforts.

Allows for Space To Be Used Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Ridding yourself of reams of paper and the filing cabinets to store them will allow you to use the space for growing your business or reduce the costs of storing them. Digitizing your documents also reduces your costs on printer, paper, and toner purchases and will also offer more space when you don't have to store these supplies. 

Enhances Data Security

This advantage is the most important. Controlling who might see documents is more challenging when they are not digitized. When documents containing sensitive data are left on desks or have yet to be retrieved from fax machines, the data is on display for anyone passing by. With the digitization of documents, safeguards like encryption methods, password protections, and access controls limit who will see these documents. Once these documents have been digitized, the scanning & shredding service can proceed by shredding them for further protection.

The Necessity of Shredding Services

The disposal of documents that have been digitized assists in compliance with privacy regulations and avoids data breaches and identity thefts. Good shredding sense applies to paper documents that have been scanned and are no longer needed. However, it also makes sense to shred documents that have outlasted their usefulness or are outdated but still contain sensitive data. Shredding paper documents in any of these circumstances will lessen the chances that sensitive data will be compromised. Environmental sustainability is another important factor when considering document digitization. Reducing your paper footprint displays efforts at being eco-friendly.

Scanning & Shredding Services With PostalAnnex

Scanning & shredding services make document organization and disposal convenient and trouble-free. When we scan the documents, we can deliver files containing the documents by emailing download links or file attachments or copying them to a USB drive. We can also accommodate any specific file formats that you may need. Call or contact us to learn more about how our Scanning & Shredding Services can help your business become more efficient, reduce costs, and maximize space when you scan and shred documents.