January 31, 2018

Whether you’re cheering for the Patriots or Eagles, tuning in for the commercials, or just at a party with friends, chances are you’ll be tuning in for a portion of the Super Bowl this Sunday. At PostalAnnex+, we know there are a lot of factors and key components to a football game and even the at-home viewing experience. Many of these same items are things we come across every day at our stores. Here are 5 important elements to a football game and how they coincide with PostalAnnex+.

  1. Time

As in any timed sporting event, the clock dictates a lot of decision making during the game. When the clocks ticking down, the quarterback is in charge of getting the team to the line before it strikes zero. At PostalAnnex+, time is important to us as well. We pack and ship grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and wall clocks every day.

  1. Comfortable Furniture 

Now, for those of us watching the game at home, it’s important to have a comfortable recliner or couch to sit and relax on for 5+ hours of pregame, the game, and halftime show. At PostalAnnex+, we can ship any piece of furniture. Whether it’s an ottoman, side table, or rocking chair, the experts at PostalAnnex+ will make sure you will be completely relaxed and ready to take in the game.

  1. Cookware and Dishware  

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: What does a casserole dish or fine china have to do with football? Well, if you’re headed to or hosting a potluck, chances are you’ll need a saucepan, slow cooker, or baking dish. When people move and need their cookware and tableware securely packed, they count on the packaging experts at PostalAnnex+ to make sure that when the boxes arrive at their destination, they arrive in one piece for immediate use.

       4. The Hurry-Up Offense

In football, when a team is running out of time or looking to speed up the pace, they enter the hurry-up offense to run more plays in less time. Sometimes, our customers need their own hurry-up offense from us as they need overnight or 2-day air delivery to get their shipments to their destination fast. PostalAnnex+ offers multiple shipping options, from ground to air, just like the teams on the field.

  1. Autographs

Much like fans look for autographs from their favorite players, customers come to PostalAnnex+ for signatures as well. PostalAnnex+ offers licensed notary public services. For those of you with financial or legal documents in need of notarization, call or visit your local PostalAnnex+ to set up an appointment. Some locations even offer mobile notary services as well.

So, when you’re watching the game on Sunday, remember that PostalAnnex+ is always here to help when you need it.