September 30, 2020

Shipping to different countries might seem complicated but preparing ahead of time and taking advantage of PostalAnnex's shipping options will help make things easier. Here we will cover some factors that might affect how long an international shipment will be in transit and options for keeping international shipping costs down.

Many different factors can affect how long it takes to ship items internationally. When a package arrives in another country, the required customs protocols can create delays if an item is prohibited or if the paperwork was filled out incorrectly. Tracking notifications are an easy way for business shippers to keep an eye on their packages and know precisely when they’ve reached their final destinations. By providing tracking, businesses can build trust with their customers in another country to reduce risk and help guarantee shipping times.

How Much Does International Shipping Cost?

Each shipping provider has its own weight and size requirements, which makes comparing the costs for international shipping seem overwhelming. There are also additional costs and guidelines that vary from country to country. A medium flat rate box from the USPS is often the cheapest way to ship items that weigh more than two pounds. However, you have to consider delivery times and other additional services before choosing a provider. The team at PostalAnnex can help you compare your options and make the best decision.

Know the Country's Rules and Regulations

When you send something to a different country, you'll need to consider several factors, including international addresses, postal code formats, and laws that impact imports. Some countries have specific requirements, provisions, and restrictions that affect packages of any size. Make sure to check the country's customs requirements and trade regulations to avoid issues.

Understand Your Shipment's Details

When sending international shipments, you have to provide a detailed description of your items. Vague or incorrect shipment labels can cause customs delays or holds. Include details like the name of the product, its intended use, the product's materials, where it was made, and the value of the shipment. Taking these steps will make sure that your shipping label is created correctly to limit complications.

Consider Your Shipping Options

Depending on your time constraints and budget, you can ship via ground, air, ocean, or freight services. Based on your criteria, one service may be better than the others. Check out our shipping options and let us help you decide what's the best mode of transportation.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

International shipments require more handling than domestic shipments. Correctly packing your item is critical to get your package to its destination in one piece. Not sure which materials you need? We offer a variety of shipping supplies to address your needs, and our knowledgeable staff can help you keep your items safe.

Track Your Shipment

We know that once you drop off your package, it will be on your mind until the delivery's complete. You can use our tracking tool to see where it is and the estimated date of arrival.

If you have additional questions about international shipping, contact a PostalAnnex location near you. Our team of expert are happy to answer questions, find out what your shipping needs are, and provide prices comparisons for different shipping options.