September 30, 2020

Baggage fees can make bringing your golf clubs on a plane cost a lot more than expected, especially when you consider that they won't take any special measures to keep your clubs safe. More than that, airlines can restrict the number of clubs, balls, and other essentials that you can bring with your golf gear without being charged extra. Instead of dealing with the hassle of traveling with clubs, you should consider shipping them with PostalAnnex+.

Golf Club Shipping Basics

If you've never shipped golf clubs before, you may be wondering what it takes to get your clubs to their destination safely. The last thing you want is to damage your clubs. Our experts have extensive experience offering shipping services for fragile and valuable items.

Choosing the Right Box for Your Clubs

When choosing a box, you'll need to consider more than just its size. Clubs are bulky items, so you'll need to find a box that can handle the weight of your gear while it's in transit. Make sure that there's room to fit both your bag and clubs comfortably. If you don't want to buy a box, we offer various packing materials.

Wrapping Your Clubs

You should wrap your clubs individually with two layers of bubble wrap to help alleviate the chances of nicks or dents. Place your clubs back in the golf bag comfortably, making sure the bubble wrap doesn't fold over.

Packing Effectively

Once you place your clubs in the bag, fill any spaces between the box and the bag with bubble wrap. Giving your clubs extra cushion can help prevent shifting in transit. Don't use paper or other similar materials to fill the gaps because they won't protect items over 10 pounds. Use packing tape on both ends to close the box, going over it at least twice.

At PostalAnnex+, we're experts in packing and shipping your items safely. Along with services for golf clubs, we provide unique packing and shipping solutions that aren't usually available at most shipping companies. Our packing professionals have different techniques to match the specifics of every customer. Contact us to get a free shipping quote today.