December 8, 2020

For many artists and custom framers, their businesses depend on reliable shipping of glass frames. They’ve likely developed their own techniques for shipping picture frames with glass, but if you’re new to the game, there are a few things you should know before putting that frame in the box. Let’s take a closer look at how to ship a picture frame with glass.

Secure the glass.

There’s no guarantee that the glass won’t break during shipping. Glass is extremely fragile and that comes with risk. But you can take precautions to ensure that the glass doesn’t fracture and completely fall apart. 
The first step in securing the glass in the frame is applying glass protection film over the entire piece. This will keep the glass secure if it’s damaged during shipping as well as ensures the picture under the glass is not damaged as well. 

Wrap the picture frame.

Wrapping the picture frame is the most important step in preventing the glass from breaking during shipping. But this requires using the proper wrapping material, especially if you’re shipping a valuable piece of art in a glass frame. 

Where many folks will recommend using bubble wrap or plastic wrap, we recommend mover’s wrap, which is similar to tissue paper and is glued to craft paper. Mover’s wrap provides more than adequate protection while eliminating the risks of plastic or bubble wrap, including blemishes on the glass or art.

Find the right box.

After you’ve wrapped the picture frame with mover’s wrap, it’s time to find a box that will comfortably fit the frame. The frame should fit snug in the box with little room to move. We recommend using a box or shipping container that leaves a few inches of space on each end. This gives the corners of the frame more protection if the box is dropped or mishandled. 

Fill in the remaining gaps of the box.

If there are any remaining gaps in the box, consider adding a layer of wrap to the frame, or add a foam layer. The remaining space on the ends of the box should be filled with foam, packing peanuts, or tightly packed newspaper. As we discussed earlier, this protects the corners of the frame and keeps the frame from moving in the box during shipping.

If your picture frame with glass is properly wrapped, and your box is properly prepared, it should get to its final destination intact. If you’d prefer shipping experts pack and ship your glass frame, take it to your local PostalAnnex

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in shipping glass items and is ready to help. We have all of the supplies and techniques required for safe shipping, and our partnerships with the most popular carriers in the country ensure you get the lowest price possible. Find the PostalAnnex in your area.