October 27, 2020

Shoes are one of the most popular products to be purchased online, which makes them a common shipping item. If you’re selling shoes, it’s important that your products are delivered to the buyer in pristine condition. Shoe buyers are often not only financially invested in the product, but also emotionally attached to the shoes. Any issue during shipping could lead to a returned product and lost business in the future. But if you follow these directions on how to ship a box of shoes, your customers will be leaving positive reviews for the shoes and your service.

<h2>Keep the shoes in the original box. </h2>

Most buyers expect their shoes to arrive in the original box. The original box is not only a protective layer of packaging, but perhaps more importantly in these types of purchases, the box is an indication of authenticity and quality. Some buyers even collect and save shoe boxes as memorabilia. The original box is a major part of the shoe-buying experience and should not be discarded.

Always double-box a pair of shoes.

Now that we know the value of the original box, we know that this box shouldn’t be taped and shipped as an individual package. From a practical standpoint, these boxes don’t provide adequate protection from mishandling and can easily open in transit. From a business standpoint, failing to protect the original box reflects poorly on the seller. Always place the original box in a separate, sturdier box or container.

Secure the shoes in the original box.

Now we can focus on the most important part of the package -- the shoes. They should already fit tightly within the original box, but it’s never a bad idea to reinforce their position in the box. Consider wrapping both shoes together with tissue paper. Add foam or packing peanuts to fill in the remaining gaps in the box to keep the shoes from shifting during shipping.

Place the original box in the second box or container.

This part is simple enough. Select a box large enough to fit the original box. Slide the original box into the second box, ideally leaving a couple of inches on the ends of the original box. This is where you’ll once again fill out the second box with bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, or shredded newspaper. This keeps the original box from moving while also protecting the corners of the original box.

Securely tape the second, outer box, and your shoes are ready to ship. Shoes are naturally built from sturdy materials, so if they are properly packaged, they’re likely to arrive at their destination as intended. For more fragile shoes such as high heels, take a little more time securing them in the original box.

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