Stop Porch Pirates with Package Receiving Service from PostalAnnex

January 31, 2019

Has this situation ever happened to you? You’re having a package shipped to you. Maybe it’s part of a monthly subscription service. Maybe it’s a gift that someone is sending you. Maybe it’s something you ordered online. Then, you get the notification that the item was delivered to your door, but you weren’t home so the delivery driver left it on your doorstep or front porch. Getting excited, you hurry home only to find the package isn’t there. You call the carrier’s customer service line and they confirm that the driver left the package at the house. It turns out that someone, a porch pirate, stole the package from your doorstep and now, not only do you not have your item, you have to go through the rigmarole of contacting the shipper to let them know what happened.

Unfortunately, this is becoming an all-too-common occurrence. Porch pirates will often follow or watch for delivery drivers to drop items off, wait for them to leave, and take the package when they confirm no one answered the door. According to a recent study by InsuranceQuotes, nearly 26 million Americans have had packages stolen from their front steps. While gates, fences, and security cameras provide some resistance for porch pirates, they haven’t proved to be a noticeable deterrent for these offenders.

A great way to combat this from happening to you is by utilizing PostalAnnex’s package receiving service. If you’re not home when deliveries are made and can’t have items shipped to your work, PostalAnnex’s package receiving is the perfect solution. Your local PostalAnnex will sign for and hold your package until you are ready to pick it up. This way, your items are kept safe from porch pirates and the elements, such as extreme cold or heat, rain, and snow. You’ll never have to worry about your package being stolen again.

For full details regarding package receiving services from PostalAnnex, please contact your local center today.

Package Receiving Service at PostalAnnex