Why to Use PostalAnnex for your Shipping Needs

August 31, 2018

Shipping isn’t necessarily something the average person does every day or even every week. It can cause apprehension and anxiety trying to figure out where to go and who to use. People are faced with trying to decide who does it best, where they can get it packed, or how much it costs.

PostalAnnex is your one-stop shop for all your shipping needs.

Here a few reasons why you should choose PostalAnnex the next time you need to ship.

1. Compare Shipping Costs

PostalAnnex understands each customer that comes into their center has a different budget than the next customer. That’s why PostalAnnex partners with multiple national and local shipping carriers. Customers have the ability to shop the prices and options from carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and others on some occasions. You’re not stuck with one price or one option. You can pick and choose what fits your budget and deadline.

2. Multiple Shipping Options

Not only does PostalAnnex allow customers to compare shipping rates from different carriers, they also offer a variety of shipping options. Sometimes that package needs to get there in a day or two, rather than a week or two. No problem. Along with standard ground shipping services, PostalAnnex also offers expedited shipping options, including one and two-day delivery. Need to ship overseas? Perfect. PostalAnnex offers a bevy of international shipping options as well.

3. Shipping Supplies

Oftentimes, customers have items to ship but don’t have shipping boxes or packaging tape. PostalAnnex has you covered here, too. They can expertly pack your items for you or offer you a variety of corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, padded envelopes, mailing tubes, and more. Now that’s one less stop on your busy day.

The next time you need to ship a package, stop waiting in long lines and give yourself more choice by visiting your local PostalAnnex.