Do Your Father's Day Shipping at PostalAnnex

May 31, 2019

We are just over a couple weeks away from Father’s Day. While many of you are planning on taking Dad out to eat or to a ballgame for his special day, we at PostalAnnex know that for some of you, Dad lives too far away to visit. That’s not a problem, though. If you can’t visit Dad on Father’s Day this year, you still have the option to ship him the great gift you found.

Here are a few ways that your local PostalAnnex can help you this Father’s Day.

  1. Multiple Shipping Options

Many pack-and-ship stores offer only their own shipping services for your items. That leaves a little to be desired for lots of customers. At PostalAnnex, we understand that every customer has a different budget and separate timeline. PostalAnnex shipping centers partner with multiple national and international shipping carriers to make sure each and every customer can compare shipping rates and services to fit their needs. Not only can customers choose from major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS, many locations have partnerships with local and regional carriers. Customers also have the choice to choose from standard ground shipping or expedited air shipping for those procrastinators out there.

  1. Large Item Shipping

Sometimes, the gift you’re getting for Dad won’t fit in a standard box. There are times when you find a framed painting, side table, or workbench you need to get to him. PostalAnnex understands that, too. We work with multiple national freight carriers to ship your large items. PostalAnnex routinely ships home and office furniture, antiques, fine art, electronics, and more. That way, no matter how big your gift is, your local PostalAnnex can help you get it to Dad.

  1. Greeting Cards

For that extra special added touch with your gift, PostalAnnex offers a wide variety of birthday cards. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental message or a laugh-out-loud funny one, PostalAnnex has what you’re looking for. You can just bring the gift in, pick out a greeting card and ship everything in one stop.

If you’re still looking to get Dad his gift this year, call or stop in to your local PostalAnnex and see how they can help.