How PostalAnnex Can Help with your Next Vacation

March 31, 2019

Summer is coming up. That means the kids will be home and possibly a new vacation may be on the horizon. According to a report done by US News, the top ten international travel destinations are Paris, Rome, Tahiti, London, New Zealand, Phuket, Dubai, Patagonia, Barcelona, and Santorini. While all these would make for an unforgettable summer getaway, there is plenty of planning that goes into an international vacation.

First, you have to figure out where to stay. Are you going to stay at a more well-known hotel chain/resort or potentially rent an AirBNB for your stay. After that, you have to book the airfare and plan for layovers, luggage, and going through customs. Next, you have to come up with an itinerary of what you’d like to do while over there. Whether it’s visiting historical sites, local pubs, or taking in the beach, it’s best to have a plan to make the days less stressful. At some point, you also have to do the packing.

Before the flight, you’ll also have to make sure your documents are in order and that includes making sure you have your passport or that it’s up to date and not expired. PostalAnnex can help. Whether it’s just you traveling or your entire family, everyone will need a valid US passport, even infants. PostalAnnex can take your photos for a first-time passport or even help with renewal services. Some locations even offer expedited passport renewals.

Now, when you’re busy getting your fun planned, researching currency conversion, and finding someone to watch your pets while you’re gone, let PostalAnnex help with your passport photo or renewal needs. Stop waiting in long lines at the Post Office or some retail giants. PostalAnnex will take professional passport photos that comply with federal regulations.

This will also stop you from having to make multiple extra stops after a long work day. You can come to PostalAnnex, mail some packages, pick up your mail, copy documents, and get your passport photos taken all in the same stop.

The next time you’re planning an international vacation, call your local PostalAnnex to see how they can help with passport photos or renewals.