Popular Antique and Collectible Shop in Modesto, CA

February 28, 2018

Do you ever wake up, look around your bedroom, walk to the kitchen, pace through your living room and realize all your decor, from the wall pieces to table ornaments have become stagnant? Do you remember the last time you’ve redecorated or at least updated some of the complementary decorative items in your home? If you’re feeling like it’s time to rejuvenate a room, you could try visiting Remember When Antiques, Collectibles, and Gifts in Modesto, CA.

Let PostalAnnex Help with your Next International Trip

February 28, 2018

With winter starting to drift into the rearview mirror, warmer weather, as well as spring and summer plans are on the horizon. Whether you’re looking for a vacation or traveling abroad for business, there are always administrative tasks to take care of before an international flight: Like making sure you have your passport and that it’s up to date. Whether you’re an experienced international traveler or a first-time flyer, PostalAnnex can help you.

Football and Shipping - More in Common Than You Think

January 31, 2018

Whether you’re cheering for the Patriots or Eagles, tuning in for the commercials, or just at a party with friends, chances are you’ll be tuning in for a portion of the Super Bowl this Sunday. At PostalAnnex+, we know there are a lot of factors and key components to a football game and even the at-home viewing experience. Many of these same items are things we come across every day at our stores. Here are 5 important elements to a football game and how they coincide with PostalAnnex+.

Mexican Import and Decor Shop in El Paso, TX

January 18, 2018

Do you ever get tired of walking through department store home decor sections and seeing the same old cookie cutter items? Many of these chain locations offer a similar selection. It can be hard to find unique, creative, authentic items to adorn the different rooms of your home. There are certain specialty shops throughout the country where you will stumble upon a cornucopia of regionally-inspired pieces. One of those places for you to consider is The Desert Gypsy in El Paso, TX.  

How Postal Annex Can Help with New Year's Resolutions

December 31, 2017

December in and December out, people set New Year’s resolutions to attempt to make some positive change in their lives. The resolutions tend to be far-ranging. Many people resolve to be healthier by eating better, getting more sleep, or exercising more. Other goals center on financial decisions like saving more money, not eating out as much, or paying off credit cards. Some people would just like to spend more time with friends and family

With some resolutions, it’s okay and even necessary to ask for help. Here are 3 resolutions PostalAnnex+ can help you with in 2018.

Antique & Home Decor Shop in Pace, FL

December 18, 2017

It’s almost the new year and while some are looking to make resolutions to improve certain parts of their life, others are looking to invigorate and redecorate their home. New Year, new decor, after all. What better place to find new, unique, and creative home furnishings than at a local antique store. For those in the market for a home or wardrobe makeover, consider visiting Alyssa’s Antique Depot and Alyssa’s Etc. in Pace, FL.

Large Toy & Collectible Showroom in Culver City, CA

February 27, 2018

As the years go by, many aspects of life change, but one that stays is the overwhelming sentimental feelings we keep for our childhood memories. Perhaps even some of those hobbies carried over to today. Whether you were into action figures, baseball cards, toys, or stuffed animals, hobbies played an important role growing up. Those looking to add to their own collection can visit Big Lou’s Toys and Collectibles in Culver City, CA.

Expansive Home Decor & Antique Shop in Venice, CA

November 27, 2017

It doesn’t matter if it’s the holiday season or not. It’s always great to find a new piece of furniture or decor to adorn a room in your home. As the seasons change during the year, many feel the interior design of their home should accommodate. Sometimes, it can be as simple as a unique table lamp. Others, it can be a whole new dresser in the bedroom. No matter a customer’s needs, if you’re looking to reinvigorate your decor, consider visiting The Mart Collective in Venice, California.

Christmas Shopping Season is here - We can Pack and send your Gift Items!

November 16, 2017

It's that time of the year again - the yuletide season we all look forward to. The aspect of Christmas that makes it special, fun, and pleasantly memorable is giving/exchange of gifts. Savour the excitement of this Christmas shopping season with discounted and customized gift items with irresistible deals. Flow with the yuletide - shop, pack, and send precious gifts to your loved ones anywhere in the world.


5 Reasons to Ship your Holiday Gifts at PostalAnnex

October 31, 2017

It’s nearly November and the holidays will be here before you know it. Whether you get your gift shopping done well ahead of time or still have some to do, it’s never too early to nail down how you’re going to get them to their recipients. If you have gifts to ship, here are five reasons to do your holiday shipping at PostalAnnex.

1.   Variety of Shipping Options